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Certified Master Inspector


Thank you Andy for your exceptionally personable and professional Home Inspection. Your service was excellent. I would be glad to be a reference for your company.
Nicole D.

We enjoyed the home inspection. You were very thorough and explained everything well. We are happy to be a reference for your service.
Diana & Greg S.

I was very impressed with the home inspection you provided. It was complete, accurate and helped with my purchase decision. My sister-in-law recommended you. I told her how impressed we were with your service.
Murray W.

I have had Home Inspections in the past. Your inspection was the most thorough inspection we have had. You were very informative and helpful. We would be happy to refer you to our friends about your service.
Sabrina S.

Thanks so much for your professional and personable service.
Lynda A.

As parents with young children, we appreciated your concern with the safety issues that you pointed out and put in our report. We are very impressed with the Home Reference Book that we got from you at the inspection.
Jessie and Kim B.

I rate your service as excellent. Andy was both knowledgeable and personable.
Jen C.

Our older home was inspected by a different company. They did a lousy job and did not point out problems and potential problems. We have a small child and were concerned about her safety. We contacted Andy at Halton Home Inspection Service for another inspection. Andy was extremely thorough and professional in the inspection and helped us make important decisions. I now recommend his service to anyone buying a home.
Eva E.