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Certified Master Inspector


What You Get

At Halton Home Inspection Service we are well known to provide thorough and complete inspections that exceed industry standards. We will not rush as we do your inspection and will try to answer all your questions. During the inspection I take notes of issues as we go around and through the home. At the end of the inspection we will review those notes. Then, often the same day but within 48 hours I will email you your Online PDF Inspection Report for you to save to your computer for easy viewing when ever you want.

If the inspection is for New Home Warranty purposes then you can simply include the PDF Report to your Tarion submission as an attachment to your own Tarion list that may for example, include cosmetic issues that you would like to discuss with your builder.

Our Reporting system is light years ahead of, and cannot be compared with Black binder type reports that include a couple pages of information and a Home Depot style Maintenance Book.