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Certified Master Inspector



All of our Inspection Services include the Home Reference Book Reporting System.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection
You have considered the price, the location, the size and style of the house, but a fundamental question arises. Is the house safe? Is it structurally sound? What kind of repairs will it need in the short term? Are these repairs major or minor? How does the house compare with similar houses in the neighborhood? Halton Home Inspection Service will give you the answers to these questions. Our Inspections often exceed industry standards and we will provide you valuable information on the condition of the homes systems, components and safety.

We encourage you to attend the inspection as it is your best opportunity to become familiar with the home. You will learn a great deal about the condition of the home, how it's systems work, and how to maintain it. Do not hesitate to ask questions. At the end of your inspection you will receive your Home Reference Book Report giving you vital information that will be important to you for years to come. Our service to you does not stop at the end of your inspection. Any time you have questions or concerns about your home or property, we will be available to answer them for you. For as long as you own the home, we will provide unbiased recommendations and advice you can trust. Our goal is to reduce your risk, provide peace of mind, and help you make an informed home buying decision. You will be provided with high quality information and exceptional service.

We will inspect:

  1. Roofing
  2. Exterior
  3. Structure
  4. Electrical
  5. Air Conditioning
  6. Heating
  7. Plumbing
  8. Insulation
  9. Interior

New Home Warranty Inspections

Most new homes have flaws. So the question arises. Is your new home all it should be? Were all the different trades that worked on your home qualified? Were they rushed? Were they supervised? What about maintaining your new home? While most homeowners can identify cosmetic deficiencies, a trained professional from Halton Home Inspection Service should examine the technical and functional features of the home. Typically, New Home Inspections often reveal signs of rushed workmanship, minimum quality or below standard incomplete work. If left unchecked, minor deficiencies can result in major problems and expenses ahead.
Many new homes in Ontario come with specific warranty coverage provided by your builder and backed by Tarion Warranty Corporation. Tarion likes you to believe that this warranty coverage gives you "peace of mind" that is "built right in", but in reality, it is your responsibility to notify the Builder and Tarion of deficiencies at specific times. Your Warranty Report Forms must be complete, accurate, and delivered on time.

30-Day Warranty Inspection

Our 30-Day Warranty Inspection is a complete a thorough Inspection of your new home. It should be performed on or about the 25th day after your date of possession. Should you choose not to submit a 30-Day Form you will need to wait until the final 30 days of your first year of possession to make a warranty service request. All items listed on your PDI Forms that have not been corrected when you move in should be included on your 30-Day Warranty Form.

One Year New Home Warranty Inspection

Many people have one professional inspection on their new home. The One Year Warranty Inspection is in our opinion, the most important, and usually the most productive. This inspection is critical for every owner of a new home because it is your last opportunity, for you make claims related to defects covered by the One Year Warranty. It is productive because you have lived in the home. This allows some issues to reveal themselves. * This inspection should be performed within the final thirty days of your first year of possession. All of our warranty inspections include The Home Reference Book Reporting System and related Tarion Warranty Forms for you to submit to your builder and Tarion. Typically, Home Warranty Inspections take 3 hours and we encourage you to participate in, and ask questions during the Home Inspection process.

* Note - If your final thirty days of your first year of possession falls between January and March, consider having your One-Year Inspection done early. During these winter months, snow conditions often prevent thorough roof inspections and hinder evaluating other exterior conditions including but not limited to lot grading, foundation conditions, etc.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Understanding the Home Inspection before it takes place can be a great benefit for home Sellers. All homes have room for improvement, and eventually Buyers are going to conduct their own Home Inspection. It's better have a Pre-Listing Inspection to identify conditions in advance of the Buyers Home Inspection. Disclosing a condition of the home allows you to reflect the condition in the listing price rather than re-negotiating later when this condition is discovered. You may choose to improve or repair other conditions, making your home more desirable for a buyer to purchase. The goal of the Pre-Listing Home Inspection / Consultation is not to try to make your home perfect, but to reduce issues brought forward buy a Buyers Inspection. Why not call us before the sale sign goes up. We will give you the information necessary to prepare yourself and your home for sale.
- Avoid Home Inspection Pitfalls.
- Price your home realistically.
- If you choose, make repairs ahead of time.
- Reduce or eliminate 11th hour re-negotiations.
- Home may sell faster and for more money.
- Alerts you to immediate safety issues.

Individual Consultations

If you have a problem with your home or property and would like the opinion of a trained professional that is not trying to sell you something, then call me. I regularly advise Home Owners on maintenance issues as well as advice on how to resolve issues related to their home.

For any of the above services call Andy Shaw's direct line - 905 876 4761